MatrixRunner formerly Netrunner BBS Door Game
formerly NetRunner BBS Door Game

MatrixRunner is a free online multiplayer game based on the genre of Cyberpunk, such as William Gibson's book Neuromancer. The object is to break into computers and steal as much money as you can. To do this, you have a cyberdeck, and various programs. But the systems you are attempting to break into also have programs (called ICE: Intrusion Counter Electronics) that will try to prevent you from breaking in. These programs can do anything from alerting a computer operator who will drop carrier on you, corrupting your programs, frying your deck, or even trying to kill you by sending a voltage spike down the line. Along the way you will have deal with viruses, corrupted programs, etc.

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The game is currently in alpha test mode, meaning that there are probably still some bugs. If you encounter an server error, please try back in a little bit as I might changing the program at that moment. If you continue to get the error, or find a bug, please email me at . Feel free to post comments, questions, bug reports, etc on the MatrixRunner Message Board.

Recent changes:
Eliminated use of email address for login. Now uses Nym (game name). (I didn't want players to worry about getting spam email)
Fixed corruption2 ice not attacking.
Fixed broker purchased Transfer programs automatically having virus & diagnostic flags set.
Fixed the buy programs option in Frannies' BBS.
Linked Frannie's BBS to MatrixRunner Message Board.
Fixed bugs that always gave ICE first attack-Thanks Maswarrior for the heads up.
Added 1 new program, and 5 new ICE-Rebuilt all systems.

If you have questions or comments, please email me at (with MatrixRunner in the subject).

I originally wrote this game back in 1991-94 to run on Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). I was recently contacted by some people who were interested in the game, so I decided to port it to the web as a PERL CGI.
I was surprised to hear that people thought I had vanished in 1992. From 1992-94, I was very active on several Seattle area BBSs including Cyberspace BBS, Hello Central, and Chat Chat Chat. On the last two, my nym was Shy Flirt. Actually, I was working on NetRunner up to 1994, when I moved from Seattle to Rochester NY, where there were no BBSs like the ones I was used to. Then the World Wide Web happened, and I got involved on the internet putting up my first webpage in late 1994, or early 1995. I released a shareware program called Gedpage for creating genealogy web pages. In 1998, I got back into karate, and soon I had a web site called Everything Isshinryu, which I later moved to its own domain. I have also put up several other sites, including, and a site for my wife (who I met on Chat Chat Chat BBS) called If you do a google search on my name "Rob Jacob" 5 of the first 10 pages are mine (I am not the MIT computer science guy). So I am surprised that people couldn't find me.

If you are interested in the BBS version of NetRunner, you can find information (and free registration keys) at these site:
BBS Archives

Copyright (c) 1992-2004 Rob Jacob